Friday, April 17, 2009

Yeah, This is Going to Be Rough

So, as mentioned in the last post, I stopped 9 minutes into the 30 Day Shred dvd. And today? Today?! Today after a WHOLE 9 minutes of the dvd?!!! MY THIGHS ARE KILLING ME!

Sadly, I wish I were joking. Haha, no it's NOT funny! That's really how out of shape I am! Sitting, standing and squatting have all been very painful reminders of how I spent 9 minutes of my evening yesterday!

And yet, it's kind of a good pain... I must be a masochist, because I kind of like it despite all of my whining.

So, yes I'm back at it again tomorrow. I've agreed with 80% of the unwitting coworkers I've talked into doing this with me that Saturday is the official start day!

Here's to actually limping through a WHOLE 20 minute workout of the Shred!

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