Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the Season

I'm taking a busy moment out of a packed Saturday to write. Not that I have anything remarkable going on that would make for a fascinating read, but mainly because I'm waiting to continue baking my chocolate-chip banana nut bread until my boyfriend shows up with the buttermilk that I forgot I needed.

This Christmas I'm going out to Oklahoma to spend the holiday with my Dad. Something I haven't done with my Dad since I was 4 years old. In fact, except for a brief 30 minute road stop while he was moving across country, I haven't even seen my Dad in nearly 10 years. We talk on the phone pretty regularly, and I feel like we have a pretty good relationship, but face-to-face time has been scarce and I'm so excited to see him. I also get to spend some rare time with his side of the family, my aunt and cousins that I really enjoy and recently reconnected with.

The only thing that I'm not excited about is the drive across the plains to get there and back (praying for good weather and making good time) and being away from the family that I usually spend the holidays with. Also, while I'm excited, I'm a little nervous about my boyfriend meeting my Dad for the first time (I know he's nervous too).

So today, getting ready to leave, I'm trying to cram in everything that I can. I'm baking and making candy and fudge. I'm trying to get the laundry and dishes done, and finish wrapping all of the gifts. Then I've got to get packed, wash the car and get a last minute oil change, and mail my packages and letters. I'm also really looking forward to packing up the cat and moving her over to my aunts' house for the week. To say that she doesn't "travel well" is truly an understatement. At least we will make it to my aunts' house quickly, since everyone we pass on the road will think that I'm blaring ambulance sirens (or killing the cat trembling violently in my arms, which is tempting after being clawed for the 5th time).

I hope everyone else has fun enjoying this busy, busy time of year! As stressful as it can be, I truly love the holidays! I can't wait for a 12 hour car ride filled with Christmas music and Harry Potter audio books!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday. I know, another one. Yikes! 30 will be here in the blink of an eye, I'm sure (but not yet!).

But besides my age changing, quite a lot of things are changing around here. Big things. Scary things.

The week started off with my wonderful boyfriend losing his full-time job of 6 years. Pretty sucky. The week of my birthday and 2 weeks before Christmas. What a happy holiday season for us, huh? Thankfully he still has a part-time job, but it still leaves us very short financially. He's already looking for new jobs and I pray he finds something quickly.

I finished final exams for this semester today. I also am praying that I did well and do not need to relive any anatomy hell again. Fingers crossed...

January will mark back-to-school time for both myself and my boyfriend. I will be returning as a full-time student for the first time since I graduated in May (I only went part-time during the fall). My boyfriend will be returning for the first time in 9 years! Wow! He's so excited! Which is adorable, I'm so unexcited about school it's ridiculous, I'm sure his shiny, new excitement will wear off in time, but for now it's very cute.

All of these changes of course have me thinking about New Years resolutions and the things that I'd like to change voluntarily in my life. I failed miserably at last years resolutions, so perhaps I should give it another go in 2010 or modify my resolutions and break them down into more manageable steps. I'll have to brainstorm about this...

So, yeah, big changes coming up. I wonder what else the new year will bring?