Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Think I Might Do It!

Let me start by saying I have been a total slacker on several projects lately. School work is really suffering, and, as of today I have less than 30 days to correct this. 30 DAYS UNTIL I GRADUATE!!! I'm so excited and so terrified, it's not even funny. So, since the actual ceremony is in 30 days, that means I have less actual time than that to wrap up all of this work.

This is also the timeline that I've set for myself to begin tackling some other things I've had on the back-burner. Specifically the diet and exercise goals that were part of my New Year's resolutions. And also it's time to start my Total Money Makeover, and finish preparing for nursing school and get ready to apply for the next step.

So to address the first I've got a few plans. I'm technically doing Weight Watchers. Kind of. Well, what I'm really doing is PAYING for Weight Watchers and disregarding most of their excellent advice. Not because I don't want to, I do, and I know from experience that the plan works if you follow it. Again, the important part *IF YOU FOLLOW THE PLAN* is not what I have been doing. I have been much too busy and tired to do anything but eat junk in the past few months. Fast food and at home convenience foods have comprised probably 90% of my diet this semester. So I go in to my weekly meeting and am disappointed with the number on the scale and the size of my pants, but am really not actively working on it so I'm not too surprised. So, I would really like to get focused with this after graduation.

The next part of this plan is EXERCISE! That's right DIET and EXERCISE~ what a novel idea! So in addition to just a vague idea of exercising, I have been inspired and, more importantly, gotten myself excited to do the 30 Day Shred! For the source of my inspiration, check out JoAnn's blog at I met JoAnn at the Dooce book reading (more about this later, again, huge slacker, I know) and you can follow her entire Shred journey on her site. I think that I too will blog about my Shred journey, not because I think it will be terribly beneficial for everyone else out there, but hopefully to hold myself accountable.

The next item on the list is beginning my Total Money Makeover!The Total Money Makeover is a book by Dave Ramsey (I've mentioned it before) and I've become very engrossed in this little financial community. I'm very excited to do this and am eager to get started but I know that it will be difficult. I've never been on a "budget" and I've never been very organized with my finances so it should be a real challenge. Of course the aim of the book is to be completely debt free, which is my ultimate goal, but I would like to aim for paying off my car and credit cards before starting nursing school in the short term. My boyfriend and I are planning on doing this together, so it should get really exciting around my house~ this may be an excellent test of our relationship! I think I will also start a thread on this topic, again to hold myself accountable and to encourage anyone else embarking on this endeavor!

So these are the big things coming up in my life and I am hoping to make some really positive changes. I'm excited and daunted, because I'm not always great on the follow through of my big plans. But I'm going to give this my best effort and hopefully transform myself and my life in the process.


  1. You're probably sick of hearing this, but you CAN do it!

    The key to Weight Watchers is journaling. Write down EVERY piece of food that goes in your mouth. Even if it's junk. If you feel hungry even though you just ate, drink more water. I know that sounds silly, but your brain doesn't distinguish well between the hunger and thirst feeling.

    I am thinking about putting together a post about my Weight Watcher journey.

    Anyway...hang in there!!