Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 2

Made it to Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred!

When I got up today my thighs, again, were killing me. I was mildly sore elsewhere, like my abs, chest, and back, but the thighs are by far the worst. Sitting down and standing up are sheer torture at the moment.

I started today's workout by turning on the air conditioner a few minutes ahead of time (I overheat really easily) and by taking a couple of ibuprofen. I also stretched a little before turning on the dvd since I was so sore. Neither have helped so far...

I made it through more of the workout before stopping for a brief rest, and completed more of the jumping jacks instead of just marching along. The butt-kicks and jump ropes are also a little hard on me. It's difficult for me to jump off of the ground during the butt kicks. My feet kill me during these moves. They feel like they are just going to seize up and stop supporting me. Has anyone else experienced this? Are my feet muscles just weak? I think set 2 is by far my favorite, so far.

Anyway... I survived yet another day! I came back for Day 2! I consider this alone an accomplishment. It may have even been marginally easier than yesterday (or am I just imagining that?)! I am not typically one to follow through on an exercise routine, I think my record attendance at the gym has been 6 days in a row, so I'm hoping to see this through and make it stick!

Day 2 of Level 1 done! Day 2 of 30 done! 28 to go...

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  1. Have you checked your shoes? Maybe you need different support for your arches or something? I was lucky with my shoes and had no problems with that part...

    Still, GOOD JOB!!!