Monday, March 30, 2009


So last week was my spring break from school, tonight is my last night before having to suck it up and start paying $11.00 in parking fees again every week until May 16th. I had a fairly short list of things "to do" this week.

1) Go to zoo for research: Done!
2) Write zoo research assignment: Done!
3) Write microbiology paper on E. Coli: Um, still "in progress"
4) Catch up on history assignments: Only slightly "in progress"
5) Clean house: I don't think my boyfriend cleaning up a little in the kitchen or bathroom counts
6) Go to gym: Didn't even come close to happening

So, two-ish out of six, it will be three before tomorrow, as my paper is due then, but it might be a late night since I felt that 6 hours of procrastinating was neccessary. That valuable time included: a snack, wasting time on my iPhone, watching the news, a snack, a nap, and reading blogs for the last hour, with more iPhone time sprinkled throughout.

Time to get with it! I need to drag some motivation somewhere out of the depths of myself if I am truly to survive this semester. I'm just not sure how. I'm so tired...maybe I need another nap first.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stress Bubble

I think I'm living in one big stress bubble. Nothing seems easy about my life at the moment. And, in all reality, I don't have the time right now to fix it or change it, only time to try to hang on and survive.

I'm really anxious about school at the moment. I'm terrified that I will mess up and somehow not pass all of my classes, which means that I won't graduate in May. This may just be because I actually have set a deadline and told EVERYONE I know that this is finally happening. Also, it may be because I'm really struggling with my microbiology lecture despite all of the effort and perfect attendance I've put in (a first for me)- I do kick butt in the lab, however. Also, I'm a few weeks behind in my online history class- this will have to be corrected next week when I'm on spring break (I really know how to party).

Hmm, my home is still in total disarray. My diet and exercise routine is still virtually non-existent, except for a vague thought that I really should do something about my weight and that I hate seeing myself in the mirror. To add to this stress is the fact that I'm going to be seeing my Dad in a couple of weeks for the first time in 8 years. My parents have always been critical of my weight, even when I was super thin and in great shape. I can't imagine what I'll hear now that I've gained roughly 50 lbs. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to be seeing him.

Hmm... other stressors: work, money, blah, blah, blah...

I would love to change all of these things RIGHT NOW, but I'm beginning to think that I just might have to wait until May, when graduation is over to get my life together.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Wondering...

Do you ever have a cat sitting on your lap, totally in the way (on purpose), while you are trying to work on the computer? Demanding attention, but angry with you at the same time? Perhaps trying to bite your wrists as you type? Or maybe biting you in retaliation for giving her said attention? And then looking even angrier and confused when she gets smacked upside the head for biting her mother?

I'm sure you'll understand the brevity of today's post...

Today's post brought to you by a day in the life of a cat owner.