Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bad Cat

This is why flowers never last long at my house...

Notice the fine shredding work on the leaves. She is thorough and detailed, if destructive.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Big News

THE PAPER HAS ARRIVED! It wasn't all a horrible nightmare! I have the proof!

Wait, wait. Let me make a correction. Yes, it was both horrible and nightmarish, but it really did happen.

In other news:

I have been the worlds biggest slacker since graduating. I promise that I will update and end my lazy ways.

I have many ideas for old posts bouncing around in my head, now I have the time to actually get to them (in between all of the napping that I have been catching up on).

Coming soon:

Dooce in Denver! (with video footage from the front row!)

No Doubt!

My Obsession with the Harry Potter Books! (and Jo Rowling)

Adventures in Knitting!

And much more!