Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Only Thing Constant is Change

Boy, isn't that title the truth?! That seems especially true of my life recently.

You will have seen in my last post that I have embarked upon a new job? That was also before I successfully completed training for that new job. I did, in fact, graduate from FA training on 9-13-11! It was a rather intense 4 weeks filled with tests and studying. After graduation I completed my inflight test, which I also passed! So I have been a fully FAA qualified FA for almost 2 full months now. I won't lie, it has had its ups and downs (ha, ha) literally and figuratively. I'm hoping the downs are truly just to this season of the year and low flight schedules...

The biggest, most significant change, however, came in my personal life. On October 4, 2011, my wonderful boyfriend of nearly 8 years asked me to be his wife! The proposal was quiet, sweet and romantic at home. It was perfect (and truly a surprise) complete with him on one knee and The Blue Box of my romantic teenage dreams! I, naturally, said "YES!" and we have been wedding planning since. Trying to plan a wedding in just about 7 months seems to be a challenge! Hopefully soon we will make some headway. My new work and his already hectic schedule complicate planning things just a bit.

The engagement and pending wedding have really added fuel to my dieting fire! The very morning after we became engaged I signed up for Weight Watchers (again). I am determined to lose a significant amount of weight before my wedding. I think this is an excellent source of motivation, but I am terrified that I will not meet my goal. I am also experiencing a real dilemma about wedding gown purchasing because of this. My problem? I don't want to purchase a wedding gown in the size that currently fits me. I'm hoping to lose a minimum of 40 lbs before my wedding, and most wedding gowns can only be altered down 2 sizes. I'm hoping to reduce my size from between 2-4 sizes smaller (which is a lofty goal, I know), and I'm afraid that if I do reach my goal a dress that currently fits will then not be fixable to the size I will need. I know most people advise against buying a wedding dress smaller than ones current size, and I understand why. How horrible to purchase a dress that is too small to wear on your wedding day! I'm considering doing it anyway though. I know that I will be miserable seeing wedding pictures of myself at my current weight, and frankly, that is not the lasting wedding memory that I want. I also think that having such a finite goal and deadline will add an element of discipline to my eating and exercise habits that have previously been lacking. So, am I crazy? Stupid? Naive? Probably. But I'm sure I'd stop eating altogether if it meant I were going to fit into my wedding dress (That is not my plan though! I will currently refer to that as "Plan B.").

Any advice out there- diet/exercise/weight loss, wedding planning, or other?

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