Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, it's been a couple of weeks now, but I have officially graduated from college. I am the proud new owner of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, and a whopping student loan bill!

Graduation day was a little surreal. I was in the gymnasium at school (for perhaps the first time) waiting in line with other classmates for the ceremony to begin, only a few of which I knew. Shortly before the ceremony began they told us all to form lines, in no particular order. This was nice, even though disorganized, because if someone had another person they wanted to stand next to they were able to do so. I just stood next to the people around me, not having any close friends to celebrate this with that were graduating with me that day.

We filed out onto the athletic field on the campus, and it was a surprisingly grand backdrop. I was surprised that downtown Denver could appear this way to me, but maybe it was just how excited I was feeling that day. Several times while walking onto the field and waiting in line my eyes welled up. I have worked for so long for this day, for this achievement. Much longer, I'm sure than most of my fellow graduates that day. 9 years to be exact. 9 years filled with unexpected life events that delayed my education; car accidents, financial problems, my Mom's struggle and death to cancer, and many other relationships that came and went. I was very sad that my parents were not physically there to see their first, and youngest child graduate. Only my Aunts and my boyfriend and his parents were in the audience that day, but their support and excitement for me was phenomenal.

When my name was actually called and I was able to walk across that stage I was so unbelievably thrilled. It was a shock to hear my name be announced! I had really done it! The empty diploma holder that I was handed on stage was lovely... I'm still waiting to receive the real thing.

The ceremony moved quickly, especially considering that over 1,100 students graduated that day. There were no special speakers, which was initially disappointing, but did keep the ceremony moving which I was grateful for in the end.

After the ceremony, it took FOREVER to find my guests to take a few photos with before rushing off to return my gown. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences had a nice reception for the students and their guests after the ceremony.

The day following the graduation I had the official graduation party! My boyfriends parents hosted it at their home and my Aunt threw the party as a gift to me.

The party was fun, but a little exhausting. Trying to make the rounds to chat with everyone who came for a few minutes left me little quality time for anyone, but I guess that's to be expected. A friend who makes cakes made a fantastic cake with the CU buffalo, Ralphie, on it wearing a graduation cap with Tiffany Blue details (as this is my signature color). I think my guests enjoyed themselves, and I was happy to see so many friends in one place at one time.

Overall, I am so relieved to have this chapter of my life behind me. I certainly didn't enjoy college to it's full potential. I have never been a party animal or a social butterfly; and to some extent, I regret not having been a little more wild and crazy, but I guess that's just a part of who I am. Though I'm certainly not done with school I finally feel like I've finished something. I've seen one major part through from beginning to end.

This is a huge step for me.

I am so thankful for the family and friends who have helped and supported me through this. I could not have survived these last few semesters without my boyfriend, his help has been invaluable. He has seen me at some of my craziest and most stressed moments and quietly and lovingly has helped me, instead of running as fast as possible in the other direction like a sane person would.

I literally yelled OUT LOUD and cheered when I saw my final grade for my Microbiology class~ I PASSED!!! It was truly uncertain whether I would survive that class and seeing that grade was nearly as exciting for me as the graduation itself! I was also so extremely relieved to have passed my other three courses. One of my professors even emailed me to tell me that my term paper was the best out of the entire class! That was a very flattering little confidence boost!

I have never been so anxious to pass all of my classes in any other semester! I guess knowing that so much depended on my success was a little intimidating! I had officially told everyone that this event was finally taking place, sent out the announcements, it was all very real and a little terrifying.

But I did it! I am a college graduate! It's official!

Now, I just hope that they send me the piece of paper to prove it...


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it was quite a ride. All the more to be proud of when you look back...