Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Intentions

I really do have good intentions to blog frequently. I even dream up posts in my head while going about my day or doing this or that. But...clearly, these rarely become reality. The funny thing is that I love reading blogs where there are frequent, if not daily posts. I get annoyed when it's been awhile since my favorites have updated. I'm a terrible blog lurker, but have recently begun to publicly "follow" some because I know it's sometimes nice to know someone out there is listening. Hello and thanks to my first public follower! I love having a little glimpse now and then into your sweet world :)

I've been struggling a lot lately. Facing a lot of big decisions, both self-inflicted and life-inflicted. To be honest life has just been hard lately and I'm not quite keeping up the way I'd like to.

I've been debating, as I'm sure most bloggers do, just how much to share openly in this online world. Less of this is due to privacy concerns than it is to my own self esteem and the idea of feeling emotionally vulnerable, which is something that I tend to avoid among even my closest circle. I know a ton of people don't read my blog (I think), but I know that I'm not entirely anonymous either. Part of me wants to let it all come rushing out, and the other part wants desperately to keep the blankets over my head!

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