Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a liar. A busy liar.

Ok, so much for all of that updating I was promising! Ha! It will still happen, of course, just not on the schedule I had originally set for myself.

July has been a very unexpectedly busy month for me.

I have registered for more classes for the fall! (I know, right?) "Thank you, sir. May I please have another?," was all I could keep thinking to myself...sigh. It is inevitable though, an education is an asset for a nurse. So, I must complete these last 2 pre-requisite courses and then hopefully I will be accepted to nursing programs ASAP! I go in to interview with one nursing school next week, which is exciting, but I am a bit worried about as they are a new school and I would like to be confident that all of their accredidation is on the up-and-up before I sign up.

This summer has flown by more quickly than I had imagined was possible! It has been so wonderful to not worry about school during that time!

I held a fairly successful 1 day garage sale! Another day to hopefully follow in August! I have so much junk to get rid of, it's about time to sort through some of it.

During July I also helped a friend labor and give birth to her first baby (a LOOOONG process, really, really, painfully long). And am now the proud pseudo-auntie to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I orchestrated our 4th annual camping and whitewater rafting trip for the boyfriends birthday! It was a fantastic success, with the exception of some "minor" tent malfunctions. More to follow on that...

Oh, and not to go unmentioned, I have of course made time to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince three (3!) times to date! It's fabulous, possibly my favorite film of the series! If you haven't already... GO SEE IT! It is so funny!

So, here we are, August already! How did that happen?!

I am in the middle of planning a fall vacation to celebrate my graduation. But I am working out the technical kinks to posting the Dooce book reading in Denver. I have quite alot of video coverage and must edit it down into acceptable chunks for Vimeo to accept (or else tech support, aka, the boyfriend will do it for me).

More to follow, as always, I will try to be a bit more consistent!

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