Monday, March 30, 2009


So last week was my spring break from school, tonight is my last night before having to suck it up and start paying $11.00 in parking fees again every week until May 16th. I had a fairly short list of things "to do" this week.

1) Go to zoo for research: Done!
2) Write zoo research assignment: Done!
3) Write microbiology paper on E. Coli: Um, still "in progress"
4) Catch up on history assignments: Only slightly "in progress"
5) Clean house: I don't think my boyfriend cleaning up a little in the kitchen or bathroom counts
6) Go to gym: Didn't even come close to happening

So, two-ish out of six, it will be three before tomorrow, as my paper is due then, but it might be a late night since I felt that 6 hours of procrastinating was neccessary. That valuable time included: a snack, wasting time on my iPhone, watching the news, a snack, a nap, and reading blogs for the last hour, with more iPhone time sprinkled throughout.

Time to get with it! I need to drag some motivation somewhere out of the depths of myself if I am truly to survive this semester. I'm just not sure how. I'm so tired...maybe I need another nap first.

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