Monday, February 16, 2009


Hmmm... haven't written anything in a month, I've wanted to, but I've been terribly lazy. Currently, I'm avoiding doing some much needed (and very close to the deadline) homework. Oh yeah, and the Microbiology test I have tomorrow, I'm also not studying for that...

Do you see a pattern? This is kind of how I've been feeling the last month or so. I started off the new year very motivated. I was ready to make great changes, devote myself and throw all of my (non-existant) energy into them.

My house has not been cleaned in months, literally, months. There is clutter EVERYWHERE. The furniture has not been rearranged back to how it should be, even though the Christmas stuff has been gone for over a month. I'm lucky to pick clean clothes out of the laundry basket, and only wash when I'm out of clean underwear or socks, whichever comes first. This blah feeling has carried over into pretty much every area of my life lately, and I'm a little tired of it. Yes I'm tired of being tired and unmotivated and feeling lazy, but I don't have the energy to climb out of this rut.

Items of note:

I am thrilled about the events that took place January 20th. I am so proud that our new President has truly hit the ground running and is getting right to work, despite the pig-headed, childish opposition that he has met. I know that the same cannot be said about the last leader of our nation. I love the patriotism and attitude of change that this new leader has generated. The turn out at the inaguration was amazing, and even more amazing was the reports of good behavior and decreased arrests amid the hugely crowded environment in our nation's capital.

Work has been both better and worse, hopefully things will continue to improve, though I'm not sure which path would be considered improvement.

Dieting has been awful, I'm doing a terrible job. Exercise too, I really need to get things together, my health depends on it (probably my energy level too).

I had a very nice, but low-key Valentine's Day. Daniel and I went out to lunch and exchanged gifts early in the day, since he had to work that night. I got several cool DVD's, a cd, and this:

The cutest purse pen.

I know it sounds superficial, but it is so exciting to open one of these little blue boxes, thrilling even. It is the 4th time I have had the opportunity to open one of these boxes. Isn't he a keeper? Also cute, he got me two cards, because he found two he really liked and just wanted to give me both. I gave him Guitar Hero Worldtour for Wii (I'm a keeper too).

I hope I have more good news to report next time. Now I'll have to really get to work, that homework won't do itself.

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