Monday, May 26, 2008

Here I go...

Well, as I've spent many of my recent waking hours absorbed in other people's blogs, I thought I'd give this thing a shot. Not sure yet what direction I'd like to go, so I'll see how this evolves!

A note on the name: Snippet

As I sat blankly staring around, trying to think of something meaningful that would sum up me, I discovered that there isn't anything that would. At least not one singular thing- I'm a little bothered that this small task was so difficult...

So, I tried to think of something catchy, something no one else has named their blog yet, something random- since I can't seem to describe myself in one word. So, Snippet bounced into my head and- being the dork that I am- I looked it up: Snippet: a small piece of something. That actually works for me! Physically, of course (for anyone who knows me). But also it doesn't really tie me down to much- it feels a little freeing. I see this as kind of a personal outlet, a journal, a place to rant, whatever I want really- without having to worry about what anyone else thinks about what I have to say (which I tend to do very often).

I'm still not sure I want anyone who actually knows me to know about this blog~ again, I guess I'll see how this evolves.

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